Character Classes

All classes listed below may be chosen. They are divided into two categories: universal classes and regional/factional classes. Universal classes are found from one side of the world to the other. Regional and Factional classes are tied to either specific regions and countries or organizations. As such, choosing a regional or factional class carries a more specific set of ideas in terms of story. As additional material becomes available, allowable subclasses will be listed here. You should consult the house rules section of the Cunaerai campaign, as several classes have been altered, particularly the ranger class.


Battlerager (dwarf only, SCAG, pg. 121)
Totem Warrior


College of Knowledge
College of Names
College of Valor

Blood Hunter

Order of the Ghostslayer
Order of the Lycan
Order of the Mutant
Order of the Profane Soul


Arcane Domain
Death Domain
Knowledge Domain
Life Domain
Light Domain
Nature Domain
Tempest Domain
Trickery Domain
War Domain


Circle of Birds and Beasts
Circle of the Elements
Circle of the Land
Circle of Life
Circle of the Moon


Banneret (SCAG, pg. 128)
Eldritch Knight
Monster Hunter (UA: Gothic Heroes)


Way of the Open Hand
Way of Shadow
Way of the Four Elements (Alternate – ask for PDF)
Way of the Long Death (SCAG, pg. 130)
Way of the Sun Soul (SCAG, pg. 131)


Path of the Brave
Path of the Heart
Path of the Tactician


Oath of Devotion
Oath of the Ancients
Oath of Courage
Oath of the Crown (SCAG, pg. 132)
Oath of Vengeance


Deep Stalker (UA: Light, Dark, Underdark)
Beast Master


Arcane Trickster
Inquisitive (UA: Gothic Heroes)
Mastermind (SCAG, pg. 135)
Swashbuckler (SCAG, pg. 135)


Draconic Bloodline
Favored Soul
Shadow (UA: Light, Dark, Underdark)
Storm Sorcerer (SCAG, pg. 137)
Wild Magic


Archfey Patron
Fiendish Patron
Outer Dark Patron
Undying Patron (SCAG, pg. 139)
Undying Light Patron (UA Light, Dark, Underdark)


School of Abjuration
School of Artifice
School of Bladesinging (elves only, SCAG, pg. 141)
School of Conjuration
School of Divination
School of Enchantment
School of Evocation
School of Illusion
School of Necromancy
School of Shadow
School of Theologians
School of Transmutation

The Noble class is from En5ider issue 34 – Chessmasters and Commanders.
The Paladin Path of Courage is from En5ider issue 39.
The Druid Circles (Birds and Beasts, Elements, and Life) are from En5ider 09 – Circles of Power.
The Blood Hunter class is on the DMs Guild by Matt Mercer
The Wizard School of Theologians is from En5ider 31 – Forgotten Lore: Divine. The School of Shadow is from En5ider 21 – Forgotten Lore: Arcane.
The Bard College of Names is from En5ider 21 – Forgotten Lore: Arcane.
The Sorcerer Path of Dread is from En5ider 21 – Forgotten Lore: Arcane.

Character Classes

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