Character Races

Humans dominate the Three Lands. Since the passing of the Icuriana, humanity has spread into every corner of the Cunaerai even as the more numerous and powerful ancient races have retreated and secured the domains and lands most precious to them against human encroachment. For the elves, it is the ancient forests whose boughs reach ever toward the Moon and her realm of faerie and mischief. These woodlands have become their haven and bastion against the seething tide of men. The dwarves have retreated into their mountain fastnesses and deep roads where men and women tread warily.

Other races have been forced to deal more directly with the civilizations of human kings, queens, and emperors. Gnomes and halflings still maintain small hamlets and holds in the wilds near human settlements, but many others are in ghettos within the larger human cities.

The Common Races
Common races are found throughout the Cunaerai. They are known and in large enough numbers that their presence typically passes without notice.

Half-Human Races (Half-Elves, Half-Darklings, and the Anim)

The Uncommon Races
Uncommon races are known but tend to be found regionally. Their presence in any given area can be notable or not, depending on the region.


The Regional Races
Regional races are vaguely known globally but can be found in one area, one land, or one kingdom. Their presence outside of their native area tends to cause notice, and raise eyebrows, suspicion, and/or fear.


The Rare Races
Rare races are rare sightings in the Cunaerai and are bound to cause notice. They may be unheard of in some areas of the Three Lands. Typically, they will have difficulty interacting socially with more common races, and players can expect to use their social skills at a disadvantage when playing a rare race.


Character Races

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