golden_armor_knight_by_mlappas-d2as9pk.pngIn the Cunaerai, dragonborn hail from the lands of the crumbling Esaran empire: Esar, Rorusk, and the eastern portions of Toruch. They are Esaran humans who have been blessed by draconic deities and bear the mark of draconic nobility in their blood. Typical Cunaerai dragonborn look almost entirely human with some noticeable draconic traits: yellowish draconic eyes, small scales on the face and hands, skin coloration of a slight hue resembling their parent dragon, etc. These types of Dragonborn are marked as nobility in the lands of Esar.

Players calling themselves ‘dragonborn’ may take human, half-elven, half-orc, or dragonborn racial traits.

Players who choose their characters to resemble the dragonborn from the images present in the PHB are called half-dragons. They are statistically identical to Cunaerai dragonborn. Half-dragons are rare, but may be found anywhere in the Cunaerai and tend to be feared by the mortal races that live outside of the Esaran Empire. In Esar, half-dragons are thought to be the emissaries to the true dragons, and exist outside the Esaran social structure.

House Rules:

Dragonborn gain advantage on all social skills when interacting with dragons and their minions (kobolds and the like). A party with a dragonborn suffers disadvantage when interacting with creatures who are enemies with or detest dragons (such as behirs).

Dragonborn may employ their breath weapon as a bonus action, rather than a standard action.

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