Enchantments on Weapons and Armor

Techniques of item enchantment and magical artifice have been lost and rediscovered numerous times over the long history of the Cunaerai. Masters of sorcery, guilds, and powerful kingdoms jealously guard their arcane discoveries, and so when these groups inevitably fall into shadow their methods of craft are lost with them.

The attack and damage bonuses found on enchanted weapons and armor found in the Cunaerai will generally conform to the list below. A character discovering a potentially enchanted weapon or armor will know the general power of an item through identifying the race or culture that crafted it. For example: A character discovering an enchanted dagger of recent Anwyran make will know that such a weapon is +1 to hit and damage. Similarly, a wicked axe crafted by a goblin weaponsmith is just an axe, but axe coated in blackblood and enchanted by a goblin witchdoctor will almost always confer a +2 bonus to hit and damage.

+1 Weapons and Armor
Enchanted Weapon or Armor (Most Human Kingdoms, Kobolds, Gnomes), Druidic (wooden weapons and armor only), Blessed, Cursed, Fetish (Shaman Enchanted).

+2 Weapons and Armor
Elvish, Dwarvish, Fey, Giantish, Shadewrought, Djinn, Efreet, High Magic (Ja’Shien only), Ancient Human (Ul, Quelos, Yturrae, Odian), Stonewood (Amber/Petrified/Druidic), Blackblood (Goblin Enchanted), Spiritbound (Shaman and Wiiran).

+3 Weapons and Armor
Ancient Icuriana (also Neruthlar), Holy/Unholy (Angelic, Abyssal, Daemonic, Devilish), Godsblood, Weapons and Armor of the Seelie/Unseelie Court, Marid, Heart of the Forest (druidic, wooden weapons and armor only), Heart of the Mountain (ancient dwarven), Nightwrought, Dragonwrought, Glass, Starfall.

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Enchantments on Weapons and Armor

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