hobbit_ranger.jpgHalflings are rarely seen in the Cunaerai. They can be found in small shires a few hundred strong in out-of-the-way yet stable pastoral regions far from cities and overly large towns. In places such as Anwyr, Ruan, Eirodor, and even the Holy Kingdom, these shires are protected or at least left alone, provided they acknowledge some nominal fealty to the ruler of the lands in which they reside and are amenable to barter and trade. Halflings avoid overly large human settlements, preferring to trade with small villages and hamlets somewhere near their shires. Their goods are sought after across the Cunaerai, particularly their mead, wheat beer, and tobacco leaf. Lucky is the local baron or marquis who boasts a small halfling shire on their lands.

Halflings are, on the whole, neither adventurous nor filled with wanderlust. They are fond of creature comforts and expert farmers and brewers. Very, very few take up a life of adventure. Expensive or hard-to-find items are gained through barter with the old races: elves, gnomes, and, rarely, dwarves. Halflings are unthought of in civilized lands, though not unwelcome when encountered.

Halflings typically speak the trade tongue, the regional language of the country in which they reside, elvish, gnomish (if they have dealings with them), and sometimes a smattering of dwarfish.

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