Humans of the Cunaerai Quicksheet

Name Where Height Weight Eyes Hair Features
Allsmen Central A’run; particularly The Holy Kingdom, Isgralond, Rothin, Ruan, Western Anwyr, and Old Gondlun 5’2"-5’11" 120-180lbs. Russet Brown, Brown, Charcoal Brown, Black Straight to wavy hair; pale; clean-shaven, smooth-skinned
Anurian Northern A’run; Anwyr, Avicea, Rothin, Eirodor, the northern Holy Kingdom and Harrowmarch 5’6"-6’3" 140-220lbs. Blue, gray, dull green Blond, light brown, sandy blond Thick, broad, and strong; facial hair; muscular; hairy; slightly wavy to curled hair
Ashem Central Western and Southern A’run; Vhahl, Old Gondlun, Isgralond, Cunai 5’4"-5’11" 120-180lbs. Silver, gray-blue, deep brown flecked with silver Black hair streaked with silver Deep tanned, black, or brown-skinned; lined and weathered features; medium builds; beards; wavy to curly hair
Cuire Islands across the northern Syran Sea; Cuir, also the Western shores of Oskovia and Eastern Eirodor 5’5"-5’11" 130-190lbs. Deep brown or green with flecks of red or orange Red, reddish-blond or brown Medium build; rugged features; some facial hair (typically beards or long moustaches); curled to straight hair; moderately hairy
Doshien Central Aloria; Kur’Shien, southern Ja’Shien, western Borzuraad See description below
Esarans The continent of Esar and surrounding isles 5’3"-6’0" 130-200lbs. Gray, green, brown Black, brown hair Russet (in the West), brown or black skin; curly to wavy hair; weatherworn features; hairless to hairy
Itarans Southwest and Southern Aloria; Aloria; Ankania, Merelar, Crusae, Coinlands, Seven Duchies, Vassara, Tasis 5’2"-6’1" 120-210lbs. Brown, black, blue, green Blond to black Olive complexion, somewhat blue-hued in Vassara and Tasis particularly around the lips and eyes; medium builds; slight hair; trimmed beards; straight to wavy hair
Jarren Northern Aloria; Oskovia, Essundia in Alorian; strangely also found in Hetlund mixed with Vold 5’11"-7’0" 160-250lbs. Coal-black, brown, dull-green Black Pale skin marked by black veins and capillaries; thick, muscular builds; angular features; hirsute
Kosa Ivory Isles 5’8"-6’3" 120-180lbs. Black, deep brown, deep gray Black Deep black or black-blue skin; wiry but strong; some hair, usually smooth faces
Shien Central Aloria; Ja’Shien, Kur’Shien 5’8-6’4" 110-170lbs. Green, gray, very light brown Straight;light brown to black Ivory skin; clean-shaven or light beard or goatee; short to shoulder-length straight hair, smooth
Syrans Asyran Isles, other isles of the Syran and Errant Sea 5’0"-5’8" 110-160lbs. Blue-green, green, turquoise Wavy hair; Black, sandy-blond Tanned and sea-scoured complexion, short-cropped beards; cropped, braided or beaded hair
Unghol Eastern Aloria; Fallen Abrindel, the Grim Ride, Ezur Khan, Borzuraad 5’8"-6’6" 160-250lbs. Brown, black, tan, yellow or golden Black, deep brown Leathered, tan, weathered skin; long hair drawn back; curly black beards and hair woven with animal skulls, silver, and copper; wiry or broad frames, muscular; natural horse riders
The Vold Northwest A’run; The Nortvold, Shade Reach, Western Molg, Western Hetlund 5’10-6’11" 180-280lbs. Bright blue, greenish-blue, deep blue Blonde, whitish-blond, sandy-blond Large, bearded; ponytails; muscular
Wiiran West-Central Aloria; Wiir, Slaver’s March, Northern Seven Duchies, Coinlands, Southern Oskovia 5’1"-5’9" 140-220lbs. Coal black, russet-brown, pink, red-rimmed, dull red White, straw-yellow, gray Stocky; wispy, thin hair; very pale (almost translucent); smooth

Allsmen: Allsmen populate the central lands of A’run, the western continent of the realm. They are of medium build, usually somewhat pale with russet brown eyes and brown or black hair. Those of pure Allsmen blood can be found in Ruan, western Hetlund, Isgralond, southern Molg, Cunai, and some eastern areas of Sengt.

Anurians: Inhabiting the southeastern and western lands of A’run, the Anurians are often referred to as the children of the Paladin. A stubborn, hardy, and intelligent people with a rough sense of humor and taste for strong drink, many knights and heroes come from the lands of Anurian stock. Anurians are tall and broad, often blond-haired and blue or gray eyed. They thrive in Anwyr, the Avicea, Rothin, and Eirodor.

Ashem: The men and women inhabiting the Great Wasting in A’run call themselves the Shem or the children of the Vhahl. They are a race decended from the Neruthlar – a people influenced over the generations by the lingering magics within the Great Wasting, and may be found in Vhahl, Old Gondlun, Isgralond, and the Kingdoms of Wheat. Ashem are deep tanned, black or brown-skinned with black hair streaked with silver. Commonly, these men and women will have eyes of silver or gray-blue, or deep brown or black flecked with silver.

Cuire: The cuire primarily reside on the island of Cuir. They are thought of as the children of the Mother and the Hunter, and the wild and untamed land they inhabit is held firmly in the power of the two branches of the Mother’s faithful who reside there. The Cuire are medium height and build, milk-white, often with red hair and deep brown or green eyes with flecks of red or orange. They are found in the isle of Cuir, though some are found on the coastlines and forests of Oskovia, Eirodor and the Syran isles.

Doshen: Inhabiting the plains and hills which border the lands of the Ja’Shien, the Doshen are descended from Shien who chose to mingle with other races of humanity. Doshen bear a mix of Shien and either Itarian, Cuire, or Syran blood; often the realization of the best physical aspects of them all. The Doshen are most populous in the countries of Kur’Shien and western Borzhurad. Often priests found in Ja’Shien are actually of Doshen descent, since most wise in Ja’Shien worship the Magi or the Dragon as mages rather than priests.

Esarans: Esarans dominate the continent of Esar. Brown or black-skinned with gray, green, brown or black eyes, the Esarans brave the extreme desert or rolling plains of their continent with a hard majesty. Esarans excel in areas such as swordcraft and the science of Alchemy. From the Sarians come the dragonriders – knights saddled on dragons for the protection of their fiefdoms. Indeed, the Dragon is one of the Esaran’s primary deities. Esaran priests who worship the Dragon god often have draconian features, be they small scales lining their cheeks, reptilian eyes, or gnarled lizard-like hands with sharp claws – a signature and gift from the Lord of Dragons. Those with some Esaran blood can also be found in the Jedaal and the Ivory Kingdoms.

Itarians: The Itarians bloodline can be found throughout the Alorian continent. They have blond to black hair, brown or black eyes, tanned complexions, and medium builds. The Itarians are quick to learn yet fickle in attitude, so that they often possess knowledge about everything, but mastery of nothing. The Itarian stock is present in Ankania, Merelar, Crusae, The Coinlands, the Seven Duchies, Vassara, and Tasis.

Jarren: The Jarren inhabit the lands of Oskovia, Essundia, Myrvhol and those with the Jarren blood can be found throughout the Lossar plains down through the Grim Ride and the lands of the Ezhur Khan. Most stand a head taller than other human races, with thick, muscular builds and angular features. They have pale skin tinged with blue, hair of black or deep crimson and possess coal-black, brown, or dull-green eyes. Referred to as the giantkin, Jarren societies are rooted in physical prowess and shows of strength, and many of the finest warriors in the Cunaerai are from these lands. While most Jarren lands despise magics other than miracles of faith, a legacy of the Tyrant’s influence in those lands, there is no physical evidence to point to any racial or hereditary inability of Jarrens to learn and practice it.

Kosa: Kosa are the ancient peoples of the Ivory Isles, descendants of the Quelos and the lost Quelos empire. They are deep black, almost blue in complexion, tall, weathered and wiry yet strong, with coal-black or deep grey eyes.

Shien: Known for their tall grace, their delicate beauty, and their deep-rooted prejudice and arrogance, the Shien are an old and powerful race of people inhabiting Alorian in lands between the high mountain ranges and hills. The Shien consider themselves the sons and daughters of the Magi, and it may well be true, for the Shien are masters of magic in all of its forms. The word Shien translates to “high people” or “high man”, which has a double meaning – they settled in the high lands and beneath the shadows of the great mountain ranges of Alorian, and they believe themselves high-born into the family of humanity. From the valleys and hills of their homeland, the Shien look down upon the lands around them both literally and figuratively. The Shien nation, Ja’Shien, has the most powerful and influential magical academies in the Cunaerai, and their seclusion by way of high mountain peaks and the Kur’Shien plains keeps them in a position of undeniable security. Shien are tall and thin, with pale ivory skin and almond-shaped eyes (often greens and grays or light, light browns). The Shien are found in the land-locked, mountainous nation of Ja’Shien.

Syrans: Syrans make their home in the island ranges between A’run and Alorian. Syrans are a no-nonsense bunch, hardened by the sea-air and tempestuous clime. Syrans are typically short and slender but strong and agile. They are of a dark complexion with black or sandy-blond hair. The piercing blue-green eyes of the Syran people are well known throughout the Cunaerai. Syrans dominate the islands of Asyra.

Unghol: The horsemen and women of the plains on the easternmost lands of Alorian are the dreaded Unghol. A barbaric people, they have chosen the nomadic life of raiding and horse-rearing over the trappings of civilization. The remnants of the great Khanate in the east when the Unghol horde drove into Essundia to the North and as far as the Heviashi swamps in the West are the most civilized remnants of the Unghol bloodline. That place is known for its brutality, bloody honor, and violence, though woven through with cunning and ambition. The Unghols as a whole are tall, strong, and broad, yet agile with an almost instinctual connection to their mounts.

The Vold: Blond, muscular raiders equally at home in the mountains as the Western Sea. The Vold are quick to laughter and bloodshed, fiercely clannish and insular. The longships of the Vold people are legendary, as is their bloody reputation.

Wiiran: Inhabiting the northeastern realms of Alorian, the Wiirans are a mysterious and quiet people considered by most other races to be corrupted. Feth are a shorter, stocky people, pale of skin, with wispy white or gray hair even at birth. They are known to be quiet and on the surface non-confrontational, though they possess no small skill in arms and armoring. The Wiirans are found within the nation of Wiir, as well as the southern lands of Oskovia to the northern petty kingdoms of the Coinlands and the Seven Duchies.

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