There are many languages spoken throughout the Cunaerai – the following is a broad list of some which may be encountered.

Human Languages

  • Trade Tongue: The trade tongue is derivative tongue – it is a dialect of Grywyr, heavily influenced by Verilic. Also called the converts’ tongue in some quarters, the trade tongue was the imperial language instituted by the Holy Kingdom at the height of its power. A dialect of it is spoken and understood in every court, civilized land, and existing trade route that either was controlled by the Holy Kingdom or had dealings with it. It is known and spoken in Jedaal City as well. The trade tongue is practically unknown in the western portions of the Esaran continent and the more remote regions the Ivory Isles, the extreme North of Arunan and Eloran, Khulth, and the far eastern fringes of Eloran.
  • Mariner’s Tongue: The Mariner’s Tongue is a dialect of the Trade Tongue, and is spoken on any river or sea-going vessel. Sailors and those who make their living on sea, river, lake, or shore will know the Mariner’s tongue.

A’run Root Languages

  • Grywyr: The nations of the Holy Kingdom, Eirodor, Anwyr, the Harrowmarch, Avicea, and Rothian speak this tongue. On the continent of Alorian, the Seven Duchies, the Coinlands, and Crusae did not abandon the Trade Tongue (a dialect of Grywyr) after the fall of the Holy Kingdom. Asyra and Cuir speak Grywyr even more influenced by Verilic. Most Asyrans speak the Mariner’s Tongue as well.
  • Verilic: Ruan and Isgralond speak ‘pure’ Verilic, though words and phrases of the tongue have found their way into almost every language in A’run. Verilic is a popular language of poetry and high (aristocratic) drama across the Three Lands. Those educated in the most exclusive colleges or universities in ‘civilized’ regions of the Cunaerai will tend to have at least a shaky grasp of Verilic, much as pre-modern students in Europe knew Greek or Latin.
  • Eyshem: Vhahl speaks Eyshem, as well as Ontioch, though that region borrows some words and phrases from old Cura. Old Gondlun speaks the Trade Tongue (particularly in Semimia), but their true tongue a language mixture of Eyshem and Verilic, which they use to identify true children of Gondlun.
  • Cura: Cunai, Sengt, and Shade Reach speak Cura. The western and southern fringes of the Spirit Nations speak a language mixture of the Trade Tongue, Cura, Verelic, and Eyshem.
  • Uthlar: The Nortvold speaks Uthlar, as do those barbarian nomadic tribes wandering the Dwimmerfrust. Hetlund speaks a mixture of Uthlar and Grywyr.

Alorian Root Languages

  • Aerin: Spoken by Merelar, Crusae, Ankania, the Slaver’s March,. The southern kingdoms of Tasis, and Asara speak a mutated dialect of it mixed with ancient Quelos. Wiir speaks a language mixture of Verilic and Aerin.
  • Rrosk: Spoken in Oskovia, Essundia, somewhat in the Horned Hold. Its linguistic roots based in Uthlar and Aerin.
  • Urd: Spoken from the plains of Elessar southward to Ezhur Khan. Borzhurad and Raeum speak Urdish mixed with an ancient dialect of Rrusk.
  • Shien: The language of Ja and Kur’Shien. The northern vassal state in Spyr speaks Shien as well.

Esaran Root Languages

  • High and Low Esaran: Spoken in the Esaran Empire, including eastern Rorusk and the southern region of Spyr.
  • Quoxtosa: Spoken in Chemesh, Toruch, the western reaches of the Esaran Empire including lands west of Lake Edain and the far western reaches of Rorusk.
  • Un’Koza: Spoken in the Ivory Isles.

Ancient Languages

  • Neruthlar: Parent language of Eyshem and Uthlar, with some modified words finding their way into Cura and Verilic through ancient Icuriana. The language of the ancient and despotic Neruthlar empire from the continent of A’run, from which the Lich-Kings of Neruthlar come.
  • Icuriana: Parent language of Cura, Grywyr, and Verilic. This was the native tongue of the Icuriana.
  • Ul: The parent tongue of Aerin, Rrosk, and Urd. Once spoken in a lost empire known by scholars as the Peoples of the East.
  • Quelos: The lost Sea Tongue of the Isles. Forms of the Quelos tongue are spoken by merfolk and sahuagan, and some humans in isolated pockets of Cuireanne and Asyra. Some words and phrases of ancient Quelos have mixed with Aerin and is spoken in that form throughout Asara and Tasis.
  • Yturrae: An ancient language found in written form from an empire that existed throughout the isles in The Deeping and around the Dwindling Shores.
  • Odian: An ancient language formerly spoken on the Southern Isles, particularly the Ivory Isles and the eastern shores of the Esaran Empire.
  • Thress: A humanoid derivative of the ancient language of Dragons taught to human worshippers and servants, allowing them to converse with Dragonkind in a more appropriate and respectful (to dragons) way. A bastardized form of it, known as Quoxtosa, is spoken in the lands of Chemesh and Toruch.

Other Languages

  • Elvish: This is actually a variant language of the Summer and Winter Courts of the Fey, spoken by elves. Frost and Dark elves speak the Unseelie dialect of the Winter Court. High, Wood, and Wild elves speak a derivative of the Summer Court.
  • Dwarvish: The language of the dwarves.
  • Abyssal: Also known as the hate tongue or the hateful tongue. The language of demons, daemons, and creatures of the lower planes.
  • Seelie/Unseelie: The language of faerie, and of the Courts of the Fey and the Moon.
  • Huundril: The root language of the living elements. Spoken by elemental beings, djinn, marids, derro, and by the royal court of the efreeti in the City of Brass.
  • The Dark Tongue: A far-reaching trade tongue spoken by those cultures that thrive under the earth. It is also a root language – dialects of the Dark Tongue are spoken by all manner of darkling: kobolds, orcs, hobgoblins, bugbears, goblins, and their ilk.
  • Goltic: The tongue of giants, ogres, and titans, as well as those beings that serve the old gods.
  • Angelic: The language of angels and creatures of the upper planes. The language of devils is essentially the angelic tongue spoken backwards, and it is said that the fallen angels of the Hells and those who have signed a pact with them cannot speak angelic except in its reverse.
  • The Cant: Regional coded slang adopted by the various thieves’ guilds across the Cunaerai.
  • Druidic: The holy tongue spoken by the members of the Circle.

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