The Gods of Day, the Gods of Twilight, and the Gods of Night

The gods worshipped in the Cunaerai represent a wide array of elemental, emotional, spiritual, and magical truths. As each culture and race views such forces in vastly different ways, so the names and very personalities of the gods and goddesses will shift and blur depending upon which race, culture, or group they interact with. The names listed below indicate the fundamental and overarching aspect of each of the major deities of this world – races, cultures, and characters will adopt more specific names and idiosyncratic personalities for each of these deities, depending on the influence of such entities within the overall moral and ethical perspectives of the cultures actively worshipping them.

There may also be regional, otherworldly, local spirits and minor deities worshipped by a particular character. In such instances, while the character may be able to manifest miracles and abilities through the worship and propitiation of such deities, it is highly unlikely that these spirits and godlings will possess a large following, politically established priesthood, or significant regional infrastructure.

Generally speaking:

The unworshipped are gods with far-reaching power but without a desire or ability to respond to worship from the mortal races.

The grouping known as the old gods represents fundamental or elemental aspects of the world. They are ancient powers worshipped by many races and form their own pantheon. Among humans, they are primarily associated with shamanistic or druidic, rather than clerical, magic.

As mentioned in the timeline and other places, the solitary god exists outside of the pantheon of deities and has his own place in the spiritual scheme of the Cunaerai.

The living gods are the prevalent gods of the Cunaerai and boast the most vibrant priesthoods. Overall, they possess the largest following of human worshippers. The living gods are grouped by their moral leanings: Day for goodness, Night for evil, and Twilight for those deities that dance between the day and the darkness. Greater gods are known worldwide – Known gods less so but have powerful regional followings. Lesser gods are known in regional pockets or have a focused or narrow group of followers. Demigods are minor deities with sway among a particular group or in a specific region.

Name Alignment Influence Symbol Associated Domains and Classes

The Unworshipped

The Seeress N Fate, Potential A web or golden spider
The Magi (Dead) N Magic, History An open circle
The Ancient Chaos C Pure Chaos, Entropy - -
The Demon (Transformed) CE Demons, Hate, Monsters A five-tiered ziggurat, a horned demon skull
The Sleeping God N Time, Endings, Madness A boulder balanced on a Peak

The Old Gods

The Mother N Life, Growth, Nature A green circle, an oak leaf centered within Mother Domain, Druid (Land, Life, Birds and Beasts), Cleric (Life, Nature), Paladin (Ancients)
The Sky Goddess N Sky, The Firmament, The Past A constellation, five stars joined by a line Sky Domain, Druid (Elemental Air), Cleric (Knowledge)
The Four Winds N Winds, Change, Weather A gust of wind, a raincloud Winds Domain, Druid (Elemental Air), Cleric (Tempest), Monk (Elemental Air)
The God Underfoot CG Hills, Secret Places, Hidden Lore A book within a sloping hill Underfoot Domain, Druid (Mountain, Elemental Earth), Bard (Lore), Wizard (Diviner, Illusionist)
The Maiden CG Streams, Springs, Peaceful Places, Natural Beauty A unicorn horn inside a silver circle Maiden Domain, Druid (Life), Cleric (Life), Ranger, Paladin (Ancients)
The Rivener CN Thunder, Lightning, Storms, Rage Three strokes of lightning (gold, silver, copper) Rivener Domain, Druid (Elemental), Cleric (Tempest), Barbarian (Berserker)
The Queens of Faerie N Fairy folk, Mischief, Children A mushroom ring, a dragonfly, fireflies Faerie Domain, Cleric (Trickery), Druid (Moon, Birds and Beasts), Warlock (Fey)
The Beast Lord N Beasts, Savagery, The Wilds An animal claw Beast Domain, Barbarian (Totem), Druid (Moon, Birds and Beasts), Cleric (Nature), Ranger (Beastmaster)
The North Star LE The North Star, Ominous Change, Self-Obsession A silver, black-edged star North Star Domain, Druid (Arctic, Desert, Moon), Paladin (Vengeance), Warlock (Old One)
The King Under the Waves N Oceans, Seas, Water Creatures A crashing wave Oceans Domain, Druid (Coast, Elemental Water), Cleric (Tempest), Monk (Elemental Water)
The Lord of Flame N Fire, Wildfires A bonfire or an open flame Fire Domain, Cleric (Light), Druid (Desert, Elemental Fire), Monk (Elemental Fire)
The Mountain N Mountains, Gems, Stubbornness A mountain peak or hammer and anvil Earth Domain, Druid (Mountain, Elemental Fire), Monk (Elemental Earth)

The Solitary God

The Solitary God Any All Various Divine Soul, Warlock (Celestial), Paladin (Any), Wizard (Theologian)

The Living Pantheon

Greater Gods
The Sun LG Knowledge, Illumination, Goodness, the Sun A golden sun Sun Domain, Bard (Lore), Cleric (Knowledge, Light), Paladin (Devotion), Monk (Sun Soul)
The Darkness LE Darkness, Night, (Evil) Thieves A black mirror Darkness Domain, Cleric (Death, War), Monk (Shadow), Paladin (Oathbreaker), Rogue (Thief)
The Moon CG Purification, Hope, Sanctuary, the Moon A hand holding a blue or silver flame Moon Domain, Druid (Moon), Paladin (Ancients), Ranger (Any), Warlock (Fey)
Death N Death, the Dead A bone hand Death Domain, Paladin (Avenging), Monk (Shadow), Wizard (Necromancer)
The Adversary E Murder, Wickedness, Betrayal, Evil Influence, Assassins The blood eye Blood Domain, Cleric (Death, War, Knowledge), Rogue (Assassin), Warlock (Fiend), Paladin (Any)
Known Gods
The Archer CG The Hunt, The Tamed Wilderness, Animals A bow, a deer Archery Domain, Ranger (Any)
The Guardian LG Guardianship, Protection, Justice A tower or battlement Guardian Domain, Cleric (War), Paladin (Devotion)
The Reveler CG Revelry, The Harvest, Art, Wine Grapes or a golden cup Revelry Domain, Cleric (Trickery), Bard (Any)
The Deceiver N Deception, Illusions, Mystery, Thievery, the New Moon A double-headed coin Deception Domain, Cleric (Trickery), Monk (Shadow), Wizard (Illusionist)
The Destroyer CE Wanton Destruction, Carnage, Slaughter, Disaster A flaming gauntlet, a stroke of lightning Destruction Domain, Cleric (War), Paladin (Avenging), Monk (Elemental)
The Martyr LG Sacrifice, Perseverance, Endurance A palm pierced with a small blade, a tear Martyr Domain, Cleric (Life, Death), Paladin (Devotion), Monk (Open Hand)
The Whore NE Lust, Indulgence, Selfishness, Vanity A dagger through the heart Lust Domain, Cleric (Trickery), Monk (Shadow), Wizard (Enchantment)
The Smith LG The Forge, Metal and Stonecraft A fiery brazier, a torch Forge Domain, Cleric (War), Paladin (Devotion), Wizard (Alteration)
The Merchant N Industry, Commerce, Technology, Civilization A spoked wheel, three watch wheels Merchant Domain, Monk (Open Hand), Wizard (Transmutation)
The Hunger CE Barrenness, Want, Hunger, Envy, Famine A maze in the dust, a cracked staff Hunger Domain, Druid (Land, Desert), Monk (Elements), Rogue (Assassin)
The Lich LE Undead A black flame Undeath Domain, Cleric (Death), Wizard (Necromancy)
The Tyrant** LE Tyranny, Prejudice, Ignorance, Winter Clenched fist surrounded by swirling snow Tyranny Domain, Cleric (War), Paladin (Avenging)
The Dragon N Dragons, Spellcraft, Gateways A ten-pointed star Dragon Domain, Cleric (Knowledge), Bard (Lore), Sorcerer (Dragon), Wizard (any)
The Healer LG Love, Pure Beauty, Healing A white rose, a dove Healer Domain, Cleric (Life)
The Warrior N War, Competition, Athletics A mailed fist Warrior Domain, Cleric (War), Paladin (Avenging), Monk (Open Hand)
The Leper CE Disease, Decay A swarm of insects, a flayed hand Disease Domain, Barbarian (Berserking)
The Paladin LG Nobility, Chivalry, Valor A four-pointed star with a gem on each point Nobility Domain, Paladin (Devoted)
The Veil N Dreams, Omens Gray mist surrounded by a black circle Dream Domain, Monk (Shadow), Wizard (Illusion)
The Midwife LG Home, Community, Agriculture, the Hearth A threshold or doorway Hearth Domain, Cleric (Life), Paladin (Devotion), Bard (Valor)
Lesser Gods
The Herald CG Birds, Travelers, Good Fortune A fiery wing, a crossed pair of wings Herald Domain, Bard (Any)
The Darkling Gods LE/CE Darklings, Ogres, Giants A darkling rune scrawled in blood Darkling Domain, Druid (Land), Barbarian (Any)
The Bard CG Language, Music, Poetry A harp or lute Bard Domain, Bard (Any)
The Fool N Luck, Chance, Fools A spinning coin, jack-in-the-box, or fool’s stick Fool Domain
The Lovers CG Youth, Young Love, Exuberance, Impetuousness A bow and arrow, crossed arrows, crossed rings Lovers Domain, Bard (Valor)
The Hag CE Insanity, Isolation, Loneliness A cracked mirror Madness Domain, Cleric (Trickery)
The Alchemist N Science, Alchemy, Lists, Firepowder A three-dimensional pyramid Alchemist Domain, Alchemist
The Twice-Drowned God N Mariners, Change, Renewal, Bounty (from the Sea) A sail, a porpoise, a shoreline Drowned Domain, Druid (Land, Coast)
The Deep Witch CE The Wicked Deep, Drowning, Evil Sea Creatures A red maw surrounded by green circle Deep Domain, Cleric (Death, Storm), Sorcerer (Storm)
The Serpent LE Renewal, Poison, Visions, Lies A coiled serpent Serpent Domain, Rogue (Assassin)
The Nine LE Devils, Seduction (to evil), Cruelty Numerous symbols, particularly the pentagram Warlock (Fiend), Paladin (Oathbreaker)
The Five Dragons LE/CE Evil Dragonkind, Greed, Sorcery Mark of the Dragon Sorcerer (Draconic), Paladin (Avenging)
The Lingerer N The Ether, Ghosts, Poltergeists, Guide to the Underworld A wisp; a cracked, jawless skull Warlock (Undying)
The Watcher on the Shore N Change, Ephemera, Transience, the Fleeting Moment The surf, the seashore, a coin standing on its edge Druid (Land, Coast)
The Mire N Amphibians, Swamps, Decay A swirl of fetid water, a toad or frog, an amphibious eye Druid (Land, Swamp), Rogue (Assassin)
The Hound LG Loyalty, Vigilance, Faithfulness A canine tooth within a golden circle Paladin (Devotion), Ranger (Beastmaster)
The Were N Lycanthropes, Shapechangers, Transformation A circle with three rents centered Druid (Moon)
The Wanderer N Aimless Travel, the Lost, the Forgotten, the Unwanted Veil of white covering a closed eye Warlock (Archfey), Monk (Order of the Long Death)
The Captive LE Treachery Imprisonment, Powerlessness A shackled, monstrous hand Warlock (Old One), Paladin (Avenging)

** Currently in some cultures and lands such as with the Goltha, the Tyrant is worshipped and responds in a less negative aspect as the patroness of winter and matron of cold.

The Gods of Day, the Gods of Twilight, and the Gods of Night

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