Welcome to the Cunaerai, the Realm.

As the campaign continues, this site serves as a centralized campaign log detailing important events, NPCs, items, discoveries, and character information.

Creating a Character

Character Races

Character Classes

* On Multiclassing
* Backgrounds
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House Rules

A note on maps and languages

For scale, the distance from the westernmost edge of the continent A’run to the easternmost edge of the continent Alorian is approximately equal to half the distance across the continental United States.

Various races, regions, and cultures may have vastly different names and/or spellings for kingdoms, cities, natural features, cultures, continents, etc. Therefore, for simplicity, maps are noted and spelled as if the cartographer, speaker, or reader was from the Holy Kingdom and fluent in the Trade Tongue. At the heyday of the God who would be King, the Holy Kingdom’s political and military influence spanned from what is now Ruan and the Spirit Nations in the West, to the Seven Duchies, Ankania, Merelar, and parts of Tasis and Vassara in the East and South. As a result, many regions still carry the legacy of conquest in their language, political structure, and nomenclature.

Current Map of the Cunaerai and the Known World