Knights of the Silk

Area of Operation: A’run, particularly Anwyr, Eirodor, Harromarch, and the Northern Holy Kingdom
Influence/Resources: Master in A’run/Otherwise Minor
Predominant Morality: Law and Goodness
Allies: The Gauntlet, Priesthoods of All Powers of Day
Foes: The Blood Eye, All Organizations devoted to Evil

The Knights of the Silk were originally ordained to serve wherever the Anwyran Crown held influence, and these warriors still can be found enforcing and protecting her authority in benevolence or fury. However, the knighthood and its beliefs have spread like wildfire throughout the lands of A’run. Though most often encountered in Anwyr, most cites within A’run and some in Alorian house Chapters of the knighthood and show them honor. While many Knights of the Silk come from the sons and daughters of the landed gentry of Anwyr and other kingdoms, some are from the peasantry and merchant classes who show have shown worthy promise and a dedication to the gods of Day. They are inducted into the ranks, educated and supported by a noble patron; for it brings much honor to an Anwyran noble and its family to sponsor any promising youth of health and well-shown virtue to the Knighthood. Such patroned Knights are ennobled as ‘Sir’ or ‘Dame’ upon their successful completion of academic, martial and spiritual studies under the Knighthood’s discretion – thus befitting their station as an honorary son or daughter of the sponsoring patron.

The Knights of the Silk are sworn to uphold the laws of chivalry, and to earn and maintain the respect of all through deeds of valor and honor. Actions, tempered with understanding and responsibility, are the sure ways for the Knights of the Silk to rise through the ranks of Knighthood to fame and glory. They may assist kings and nobility as they see fit, but are under the command, jurisdiction and protection of the Sovereign Priests of Day and High Crowns of the Silver. As such, they are often adventuring, questing, and are rarely sedentary or complacent.

It is known that many of the Knights of the Silk are ordained with some small ability in the magical arts by the Powers of Day to assist them in their endeavors. As such, the various branches of the Knights of the Banner keep one of the Powers of Day as their patrons.

There are actually five distinct branches of the Knights of the Silk: Amber, Azure, Ebony, Emerald, and Scarlet.

Knights of the Silken Amber temper war with empathy. They are negotiators, healers, and diplomats. They are often granted powers of healing. The Healer is known to be the patron of the Knights of the Amber.

Knights of the Silken Azure strive to embody honorable justice and the rule of law. Knights of the Azure serve as protectors and justices of cities and townships under the Anwyran crown. The Merchant watches over the Knights of the Azure.

Knights of the Silken Black protect and honor the dead. They are also charged with the protection of the living from the restless dead. Knights of the Black are trained in the tactics and mysteries for the destruction of undead and other creatures of false life. They often are granted powers over the undead and the dispellation of magics. The Martyr watches the Knights of the Silken Black.

Knights of Silken Emerald preserve the forests and the green for the benefit of men and women of the realm. They pride themselves on their ability to track and scout. They are often granted powers to assist them in the animal and plant kingdoms. The Reveler is the patron of the Knights of Emerald.

Knights of the Silken Scarlet are aggressive and forward. They are at the forefront of battle and are often granted powers over fire. While the Paladin is known for the paladins dedicated to his service, he is also known to bestow favor upon the Scarlet Knights.

Each Knight must vow to follow the Seven Pillars of Honor or forfeit his or her honor, privilege, and ordained powers.

  • Honor
  • Honesty
  • Valor
  • Loyalty
  • Diligence
  • Hope
  • Justice

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Knights of the Silk

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