Maiden Domain

Domain Spells (The Maiden)

Cleric Level Spells
1st divining rod, empathic resonance
3rd blunt the edge, pass without trace
5th weather calming, wall of water
7th control water, fluid form
9th commune with nature, mass cure wounds

Acolyte of the Maiden
At 1st level, you know the shape water cantrip (EE Player’s Companion pg. 21). You also automatically gain the Animal Handling and Nature skills, and are considered to possess Expertise (as the Rogue) in each.

Sacred Glade
All priests dedicated to the Maiden must find and vow to protect a Hidden Glade (a spring, copse of rare trees, a stream, or other place of particular beauty or natural presence) nestled in some wild land or other. Their spirit is tied to it and they gain abilities as long as they maintain the glade. As should be apparent, clerics dedicated to the Maiden are rarely adventurer types.

Channel Divinity: Serenity of the Hidden Glade
Starting at 2nd level, you can use your Channel Divinity to instill serenity within both enemies and allies. As an action, you touch your holy symbol and invoke the power of the Maiden. All living creatures within a 30-foot radius must succeed at a Wisdom saving throw. Those who fail are charmed and unable to enact violence or hostile spellcasting for one minute or until they are attacked. They may otherwise act normally. Those who embrace the Serenity of the Hidden Glade willingly (automatically fail their saving throws) are gain temporary hit points equal to their level plus your Charisma modifier. The undead and evil outsiders from the lower planes (demons, devils, daemons, demodands, and slaadi) are immune to Serenity of the Hidden Glade.

Favor of the Maiden
Starting at 6th level, you gain advantage against all charm effects that would compel you to harm others (or yourself). Even if you fail to save against a charm, any hostile act you make while under the influence of a charm grants you an immediate saving throw with advantage to unravel the spell. Furthermore, once per week, you and a number of creatures you choose equal to your Wisdom modifier may stand within or bathe in the waters of your Hidden Glade, and are automatically cured of all diseases, poison, and all levels of exhaustion are removed.

Ally of the Glade
Beginning at 8th level, you gain advantage with Charisma checks when dealing with the fey. Furthermore, once per day as an action you can summon a unicorn (monster manual page 294) to your side, provided you are in your Glade or any natural environment above ground. The unicorn will serve you willingly for 1 hour, including serving as a mount, or perform one service for you (such as use its teleport ability or healing touch, or fight by your side for one combat) before disappearing once again into the wilds. The unicorn will remain for 1 full day, rather than 1 hour, and will perform any number of services for you if they are summoned and stay within or near the Hidden Glade.

Step to Secret
At 17th level, you may awaken a number of treants (Monster Manual page 289) equal to your Wisdom modifier to serve you and protect your glade. At your choice, one of these treants may instead be a dryad (Monster Manual page 121). These creatures will serve you unfailingly but will refuse to wander more than a day’s journey from your sacred Glade. You may replace fallen allies with a day-long rite to the Maiden that may be performed once per New Moon.

New Spells

Divining Rod (BoLS, pg. 47): Spirits of nature guide you to water, shelter, or food.
Empathic Resonance (BoLS, pg. 51): You instill guilt of violence within a creature, causing penalties of 1d4 to all attack rolls.
Blunt the Edge (BoLS, pg. 24): Piercing or slashing weapons deal half damage and no crits.
Weather Calming (BoLS, pg. 127): You create an area of serene weather in a 30-foot radius for an hour.
Wall of Water (BoLS, pg. 126): Conjure a wall of water.
Fluid Form (BoLS, pg. 49): Transform yourself into an amorphous liquid being.

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Maiden Domain

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