The Collegium

Area of Operation: Anwyr and the lands around the Sea of Crowns
Influence/Resources: Major in Anwyr and surrounding kingdoms, otherwise Minor
Predominant Morality: Any, though leaning toward Lawful and goodness
Allies: various
Foes: various

The Collegium is one of the more organized and powerful of the Mages Guilds within the Cunaerai. Founded in Lords under the watchful eye of the Knights of the Silk and the Hulduin, the Guild began as a small group of lawfully minded wizards bent on creating a place of research and knowledge for scholars of similar philosophical and ethical leanings. The Guild soon found itself overrun with prospective members and expanded quickly, establishing large guildhalls throughout the major cities of Anwyr. It now boasts a sizable membership, though its original charter of recruiting only the most morally upstanding and righteous of wizardry has blurred as its influence, membership, and holdings have expanded.

Guildmembers follow a similar code to those within the Academy of Ja’Shien, such as the free exchange of knowledge among all within the halls of the Guild, and the strict policy forbidding conflict between members while on Guild grounds. The Collegium is headed by a council of Wizards in Lords consisting of two archmages, two priests of the Dragon, two devotees of the Magi and one priest of the Sun presiding. All council members elect the Master of the Council at the Dawn of the Sun’s light on the first day of each New Year. A Guildmaster chosen for life by the reigning council heads of each guildhall outside of the walls of Lords.

The Guild is known to be on favorable terms with the King of Anwyr, and maintains a cordial if distant dialogue with the Academy in Ja’Shien and other mage guilds throughout the realms.

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The Collegium

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