The Gray Gauntlet

Area of Operation: Cunaerai
Influence/Resources: Median
Predominant Morality: Any – Mostly followers of Twilight
Allies: The followers of the god of the dead
Foes: Followers of the Path of Night, especially the Lich and the god of disease

The Gray Gauntlet is an organization of trackers and bounty hunters employed to capture, destroy, or haul back to ‘justice’ enemies of many good-aligned individuals and organizations which do not possess the resources do such a thing themselves. The Grey Gauntlet operates outside structure of one particular kingdom, empire, or other and is tolerated to some small measure by many for the work they do. They are known for dealing with suspect organizations and employing means and tactics out of bounds for many good-aligned and benevolent forces and individuals in the Three Lands who would cringe at interacting with such contacts. The Grey Gauntlet in particular prefers to hunt warlocks, necromancers, and those who truck with the living dead. They are also tireless enemies of anyone who contacts or deals with the Outer Dark.

Most recently and most importantly, the Gray Gauntlet was the force behind several countries signing the Edict of Day and Night, a binding ordainment raveled in mysticism in which members of the nobility of several kingships promise to disallow the use of necromancy and other spirit magics within their borders. The Gauntlet gives assistance to those who are known actively pursue the destruction of undead and the allies of the Pit within their borders.

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The Gray Gauntlet

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