The Seven

Area of Operation: Alorian
Influence/Resources: Median
Predominant Morality: Good to Balance
Allies: Priests of the Beast, War
Foes: Many Individuals, Tyranny, Destruction

The Seven Schools is the legacy of seven weapon-masters who have handed down their skills to apt pupils across the Cunaerai. The mastered technique of each of the seven weapon forms is known and taught by a ‘lord’ devoted to each individual style. The Seven Lords are as follows: Lord of the Hawk, Lord of the Tiger, Lord of the Cheetah, Lord of the Bear, Lord of the Manticore, Lord of the Griffon, and Lord of the Dragon. Personal honor is crucial to each form, and the zeal to build and maintain exemplary personal honor is a primary tenet of any student taught by the Seven. While not bound to a code of chivalry like the Knights of the Silk, a student of the Seven nevertheless follow a strict code of personal honor:

  • I shall never strike a foe who is unaware of me
  • I shall shun all weapons other than my chosen weapon
  • Once I have engaged an enemy in personal combat, I shall never retreat

The original school of the Seven was in the capitol of Essundia, and with the fall of Essundia and the physical sundering of the school, the Seven have retreated into Pathless mountains, the plains of Elessar and spread across the Cunaerai. Many have become disheartened over their failure to hold back the Marjoran advance, and in particular the Hawks seem to yearn for a true master to bring life back to the Seven Schools. Many have taken to wandering the Cunaerai in search of allies and enlightenment that will free their lands and their Queen from the oppression of Marjore. Perhaps in the retaking of Essundia the Seven Lords shall find purpose and glory once again.

It is said that the those students of the Seven who prove themselves worthy are granted boons by the Beast and the Mother. Such boons vary greatly, from the swiftness of the cheetah to the strength of the oak in times of need. They are welcomed with honor in most villages, hamlets, and towns throughout most of eastern Alorian.

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The Seven

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