The Silver League

Area of Operation: Anywhere
Influence/Resources: Major
Predominant Morality: Neutral
Allies: Many merchants, followers and priests of the Merchant
Foes: Many merchant guilds, followers of the Hunger, the merchants of Ankania and Jedaal.

The Silver League is a confederation of like-minded merchants who have banded together for power, wealth. They have set up outposts across the Cunaerai to monopolize trade and drive up prices of rare spices, textiles, woods, foodstuffs, wines, and luxury items. Their power has grown immensely over the past century, such that there are many cities across the continents that are ruled the the League and serve as stopovers and warehouses for the League’s ships and merchant families.

A cutthroat rivalry now exists between the League and the mercantile interests within Ankania and Jedaal. In Regia and Jedaal City, tariffs run steep for the League even as League merchants muscle their way into the largest markets in the world. It remains to be seen who will emerge on top in these grand cities where the bond and sway of ancient trading families runs deep.

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The Silver League

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