The Watcher on the Shore


Hodra, Culla (deir)
Protection (from horrors of the seas), Change, Ephemera, Transience, the Fleeting Moment

Favored Symbols: the surf, the seashore, a coin standing on its edge
Favored Colors: grays
Favored Arms: dagger, pikes, slings, short swords, simple armors, small shields
Ethos: ethereal, eerie, quiet, sullen, detached, riddling, obtuse, sometimes misleading

The Watcher on the Shore is an ancient servant of the Seeress and one of the few Icuriani gods that has survived into the age of men. In times long forgotten the Watcher was the messenger of Fate, serving as intermediary between the goddess of webs and her eager servants. In fragments of ancient tomes he was called the Voice – referenced often by the Icuriani mystics and long dead priest-tyrants of the goddess of webs. Now, among mortal races, the Watcher on the Shore is a minor god worshipped for his presence at events where the potential for change is greatest. The Watcher on the Shore is the god of passing moments, of choices lost and won, and of the intangibility of the present. Though he is neither wicked nor benevolent in his charge, his presence in the fickle dealings of fate coupled with his old worship by the disgraced Icuriana often casts him in an ominous light.

The Watcher on the Shore appears in the traditional garb of a gray seer, with flowing drab robes and an emaciated, sunken face. Wild-haired and frail-looking, weathered by the sun and time, his eyes are blue and green, clouded with cataracts as often as they are clear and bright as a cloudless sky. Spiders and arachnids will sometimes be seen crawling within the folds and shadows of his robe, an unsettling reminder of the Guide’s connection to the great goddess of the web. The god will only be encountered on the roiling surf between the depths of the sea and dry land.

Recently the god’s presence and worship in the Cunaerai has begun to grow, as his rather small priesthood has begun to assume its place as the sentinels of the shore – watching and guarding against the incursions of the sahuagan, kuo-toa, and other wicked or aggressive humanoids that are increasingly rousing themselves from the deep to terrorize human settlements and sacred places near the surf. Otherwise, the Watcher on the Shore has few constant worshippers and priests, though his favor is beseeched in times of great crisis when fearful choices must be made or when the significance of a moment is recognized and sought to be preserved and treasured. Priests of the Watcher on the Shore are expert diviners, though their words often spur listeners to take part in events of the moment that demand risky decisions and potentially disastrous results. Such are the dangers involved in dealing with one touched a Voice of Fate.

There is a great fane dedicated to the Watcher in the western city of Osilia, on the crashing shores of the Bay of Ancients.

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The Watcher on the Shore

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