Underfoot Domain

Domain Spells (The God Underfoot)

Cleric Level Spells
1st divining rod, earthen blast
3rd earth ear, locate object
5th meld into stone, undulating earth
7th Leomund’s secret chest, locate creature
9th earth shift, legend lore

Acolyte of the Hills
At 1st level, you know the mold earth cantrip (EE Player’s Companion pg. 21), and can cast it without using somatic components. You also know the magic stone cantrip (EEPC, pg. 20).

Channel Divinity: Bury in the Earth
Starting at 2nd level, you can use your Channel Divinity to hide an object underground. You must invoke this Channel Divinity while standing on natural ground. As an action, you touch your holy symbol to an object that fits in a 1-foot cube area per level and invoke the power of the god underfoot. The object sinks into the earth a number of feet equal to twice your level and is safely held there, in stasis, until you or another retrieve it. You or any other chosen of the God Underfoot immediately senses the presence of an object buried in this way when walking over the spot and can cause the object to rise safely to the surface with another use of Channel Divinity. More mundane means, such as shovels or a move earth spell, may also be used to retrieve an object buried in this way. The god underfoot frowns upon burying mundane or worthless objects in the ground – the item buried should possess value, either monetary, intellectual, or spiritual. Some artifacts may resist this power.

Favor of Hidden Hills
Starting at 6th level, you are resistant to acid damage. In addition, you can make a Dexterity (Stealth) check to hide or move stealthily in any naturally hilly or rocky terrain using a bonus action and at double your proficiency roll.

Secrets Revealed
Beginning at 8th level, you may whisper a quick prayer to the god underfoot to reveal a secret to you. The secret must deal with your immediate environment: the command word to an item you hold, the location of a secret door or trap within sight, the means of disarming a trap you have found, a hint to opening a puzzle door, the real name of a captured enemy, etc. Once a secret is revealed, you may not ask for another until you have completed a long rest.

Step to Secret
At 17th level, using an action you may step into the earth and emerge at any location where you have stored a secret object using your Channel Divinity ability. Should you know the location of an object secreted away by another cleric of the god underfoot, you may travel there as well. If the object is no longer at the location, whether retrieved by you or discovered and taken by another, this ability does not function. You may do this a number of times per day equal to your Wisdom modifier, after which you must take a long rest before you may use this ability again.

New Spells

Divining Rod (BoLS, pg. 47): Spirits of nature guide you to water, shelter, or food.
Earthen Blast (BoLS, pg. 49): 2d6 bludgeoning damage plus immobility in a 15-foot cone Dexterity save for half.
Earth Ear (BoLS, pg. 49): Detect presence and location of all creatures on or beneath ground within 100 feet.
Undulating Earth (BoLS, pg. 121): Earth ripples in 60-foot cone, knocking creatures prone and creating difficult terrain.
Earth Shift (BoLS, pg. 49): Instantly travel up to 300 feet through the earth.

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Underfoot Domain

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