The Queens of Faerie


Titania, Mab (deia)
The Faerie Queens
Goddess of the Fey, Transformation, and the Magical Wilds

Favored Symbols: a faerie ring, a butterfly, a dragonfly, a toadstool
Favored Colors: silver, white, gold, purple, red, green
Favored Arms: darts, spears, javelins, bows, shortswords
Ethos: fickle, mischievous, imperious, mercurial, secretive, seductive, quick, spiteful, selfish, misleading

The Queens of Faerie, Titania and Mab (or the Queen of Air and Darkness), rule over the Seelie (the Court of Dawn) and Unseelie (the Court of Dusk) Courts, respectively. Their power and manipulations are so intertwined that it is impossible to deal with one without becoming embroiled in the affairs of the other. Where Titania seems to be the more reasonable and benevolent of the two, she is still Queen of the Fey, and therefore subject to the mischievousness, pettiness, confounding capriciousness, and utter cruelty of the Faerie realm. The Queen of Air and Darkness is more reliably malevolent, but she too remains fascinated and drawn to humans and other mortal races of the Cunaerai, and will often keep ‘pets’ to champion her causes and maintain her presence in the mortal world — particularly in places where true fey-kind cannot or will not tread.

Mortal priests and temples dedicated to the Queens of Faerie are schizophrenic, confused, chaotic affairs as they try to please both Queens in their administrations and actions. They bicker and battle with one another as often as they carouse and frolic, but for all their confused behavior they never quite seem to lose sight of their calling to work the will of the Fey Queens, no matter how senseless or dangerous the Queens’ directives are. While they protect and serve the Courts of the Fey Queens and their subjects, even the greatest of these priests know to tread lightly when dealing with the creatures of the Faerie realms and their royal mistresses. There are few temples in civilization dedicated to Titania and Mab, but they can be found. Typically, these places are beautiful and terrible – mixing equal parts of beauty and horror in their facades and architectural aesthetic. Large areas of these temples are almost always open to the sky, and are built around ancient trees, faerie rings, or at powerful ley line crossings. A peculiar trait demanded of all priests dedicated to the Queens Titania and Mab – they cannot lie, just as the Fey they serve. This does not mean that they cannot mislead, deceive, and destroy with the truth, a niggling point that tends to bring low those who think themselves more clever or cruel than the Queens of Faerie when dealing with their servants.

Celebrations dedicated to the Queens of Faerie are impromptu affairs, but occur most often within a faerie ring or secluded glade under moonlight. However, among mortalkin a grand celebration dedicated to the faerie queen takes place on Midsummer’s Eve on the first full moon after the longest day of the year. In more rustic locales, this festival is known to be a day of feasting and courting among men and women as much as a ceremony dedicated to the Moon. The Faerie Queens maintain a warm relationship with the Moon despite obvious philosophical differences, and priests of the Moon Goddess are usually tolerated by the Faerie Queens’ subjects, albeit reluctantly.

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The Queens of Faerie

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