The Rivener

The Rivener

Jarrul, Sharuvas (deis)
The Rivener
God of Lightning, Thunder, and Storms, the Raging God

Favored Symbols: three strokes of lightning (gold, silver, copper), a thunderhead, a bent blade
Favored Colors: electric blue, blue-grays, gray, black, silver
Favored Arms: dagger, javelin, long sword, two-handed sword, pikes, tridents, heavy armor, shields
Ethos: emotional, angry, raging, vindictive, reactive, proud, fickle, sometimes simple

The reckless son of the Four Winds, the Rivener is the dangerous god of storms and raging winds. Powerful yet unfocused, the god of storms is easily angered and has little capacity for restraint. He is often manipulated and tricked by other divine beings into bringing his violent temper to bear against their enemies or their lands and followers. His unleashed fury is as terrible as it is potent, and even gods and goddesses who cross the Rivener will take care to remove themselves from his presence and grant him a wide berth until he calms and forgets what roused him to begin with.

The Rivener is a favorite of warriors and fighting men, particularly those hailing from the wilds or primitive cultures. Berserkers and their kin in particular are drawn to the Rivener in significant numbers. Raiders and brigands will sometimes be found with charms and markings on their flesh depicting him, and temples of the winds will almost always be guarded or watched by warriors dedicated to the god of storms. Some humanoid tribes worship the Rivener in his most destructive and dangerous aspect.

The Rivener appears as a long-bearded giant with many scars and cuts across his chest and arms. His eyes are a piercing blue that turn to red and white when he is displeased. He will often be accompanied by several storm maidens, the servitors of the storms and his frequent consorts. His favored weapons are hammers and javelins.

Services to the Rivener occur most often in spring or during summer storms on open places under the sky. Many of those who fear the Old Gods will often make an offering of fire or sacrifice to the Rivener during the first thunderstorm of the season to soothe the dangerous god of storms for the coming season. There are some permanent shrines to this god in sovereign cities such as Lords, as well as a known temple to the god located on the flat plains in Cunai.

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The Rivener

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